Triune Counseling provides lifespan psychotherapy and consulting services for individuals, relationships, and groups.  Martha Brandt is an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor and works with clients who are committed to healing  and growth in mind, body, and spirit.

      Hope and Healing

Martha and her LPC Interns at Triune Counseling are here to help you with your individual and relationship concerns in a caring, skilled, and confidential manner.

We base our therapeutic work on the principles of collaboration and respect for the unique needs and the inherent potential of each person.  This means that we believe the answers to your life's challenges are to be found within you and can be accessed through self-exploration and healing in the context of a trustworthy and affirming counseling relationship.
On our Why Counseling?  page find out about how psychotherapy can help with  a range of personal and relationship issues.  On the Why Triune?  page you can read more about our Mind/Body/Spirit approach.